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The project

The project

Our mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform two problematic issues, such as plastic pollution and those involved in sorting garbage in Brazil (catadores), in an opportunity to improve both this situations.

We have thought of a scenario in which our puppet triggers a virtuous circle of social recovery and environmental awareness.

Naara, Juruna & Kaique

Kaique, Naara

e Juruna

These three masks, made 100% with recycled plastic, finance the work of the catadores cooperatives in Brazil.
The three animals they represent, the mico (a type of monkey), the anteater and the caiman, are a tribute to the Brazilian territory.

How the virtuos cicle works.

How it works
  1. Our cycle begins in the centers of the catadores cooperatives in Brazil.

    In these centers, the materials destined for recycling are divided, including of course plastics.

  2. Plabra allocate part of these plastics (in particular HDPE, PP and PET), for the creation of puppets.

  3. The materials divided by the catadores, is purchased at the correct price by selected companies, that refines plastic.

  4. The material, now in granules, is brought to a company that deals with plastic molding and the 3 masks take finally shape.

  5. Part of the proceeds resulting from the sale of that masks, will be destined for catadores cooperatives, establishing a closed and virtuous cycle.

Plabra wants to avoids the exploitation of catadores, often underpaid by companies and discredited by the society that does not reserve them the right merit: it is 90% thanks to them that plastic in Brazil is recycled

Our values

Information is the most important thing. Without it, nothings can change.

Give the right value to recycled plastic, to change the perception of it.

Give the opportunity, thanks to the masks, to different generations to take part in this project.

Our values
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